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ZuluTrade Copy Trade Review And Benefits

ZuluTrade is a next-generation signal service that can register with more than 100,000 different signal providers. Once you register with these traders, their signals will automatically be replicated to your trading account in real-time. This is a free service and a real advantage for all parties involved. Before starting trading, you should read ZuluTrade copy trade review.


As with any signal service, there are, of course, many pros and cons. Let’s start by discussing some of the main benefits.

Completely free signal service

ZuluTrade is a free trading service, unlike many FX signal services that charge monthly dues. That’s because ZuluTrade has connected with many FX brokers and takes a small fee from the spread of each transaction, and part of it is paid to the signal provider if it makes a profit.

Manage your FX account

ZuluTrade provides your controlled FX account, which you can completely control. That’s because it determines which signal provider software you want to use and how much money you risk with each one.

You can’t do trade market by yourself.

One of the main advantages of joining ZuluTrade is that you can earn money from FX trading without trading the market yourself. So, for example, if you have a full-time job and want to earn some extra income, this is the ideal way.

No knowledge required

As mentioned in the previous section, FX trading knowledge is not required. Because it is not you who decide the deal, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the different aspects of currency trading. This will help you evaluate all signal providers and understand how they trade the market.

Compatibility with many different brokers

All live accounts are linked to ZuluTrade for free with no fees, so it’s best to open an account with AAAFX. Still, you’ll see that many different brokers can automatically trade their automatic signals.

Free demo account available

Suppose you are a beginner in FX trading or are platform to join several sources providers as well as begin to trading with real money. In that case, ZuluTrade offers a free demo account where you can test many different providers and feel how this service works.

Signal providers are given incentives to produce good results.

After a few years, ZuluTrade change the payment structure so that the signal provider only maintains that commission if it makes a profit in that month.

Detailed performance data for all traders

ZuluTrade provides comprehensive performance data for all signal providers and includes detailed statistics. In addition, you can use the built-in ranking system to find profitable traders and sort them using various criteria such as winning rate, maximum drawdown, and ROI.

Diversify your portfolio

Trader Combos is a new feature that allows you to invest in profitable groups carefully selected by the ZuluTrade algorithm based on multiple factors (win rate > 30%, long-term ROI, 50+ trades, trading for -15+ weeks followed by real investors) and randomly sorted. You could select which group of brokers you will to invest depend on your risk appetite.

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