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Yahoo Sports

NBC Sports Vs Yahoo Sports

If you’re a fan of football, soccer, basketball, or hockey, Yahoo Sports has a great app for you. It also allows you to mark your favorite teams, check upcoming big games, and more. This app is especially helpful if you’re following the Champions League or La Liga, or NBA or NHL championships. With tons of information about popular sports like these, you’re sure to find a game you’ll enjoy, and you’ll know that it’s sponsored by a major media brand.

NBC Sports

With the NBC Sports vs Yahoo deal, both companies have a lot to gain from this partnership. While both will continue to operate separate sites, NBC Sports will gain access to Yahoo’s sports reporting and its marquee properties like Sunday Night Football and NHL Game of the Week. Yahoo will also benefit from NBC’s expertise in fantasy sports. It’s unclear how this partnership will affect the two companies’ overall revenue.


Comcast’s NBCUniversal recently acquired the majority stake in Sky, the provider of sports broadcasting services. NBCU plans to offer free streaming to its subscribers, as well as premium, ad-free packages. The company also plans to offer ad-free, premium services for non-subscribers. NBCU hopes to monetize the free service by charging non-subscribers subscription fees.


In a first for both companies, Yahoo sports will air live games on Monday, June 3, from its Sunnyvale, Calif. campus. This live broadcast will be available on both the web and television. With the upcoming integration of Yahoo and Comcast’s sports channels, Yahoo sports will be accessible on any device. The deal could also serve as a de facto pilot program for the other 12 Comcast regional sports networks across the U.S.


Earlier this week, the news broke that Adrian Wojnarowski is leaving Yahoo to join ESPN. Wojnarowski, known as the NBA news breaker, has been the face of Yahoo’s coverage of the Association. He has been first to report on trades, free-agent signings, and draft picks. But what does this mean for Yahoo? It means that ESPN will continue to be the leading sports media company, but it also means that Yahoo will be in a tough spot.

NBC Sports Digital

NBC Sports Digital is a division of the NBC network that provides live streaming of premier events, short-form video, and hyper-local coverage. NBC Sports Gold is its direct-to-consumer live streaming product, offering extensive access to fourteen individual sports. Yahoo Sports will focus on providing news and sports information. The two companies hope to become rivals in the digital sports arena. They will continue to operate separate websites, but will work together on promotional content and news coverage.

NBC Sports Tumblr

NBC Sports has expanded its digital presence ahead of Super Bowl LIII with a new NBC Sports Tumblr. The page already features Vines from recent NFL championship games and classic Super Bowl commercials. It will also feature TV commercials from the game, which takes place on 1 February. According to Rick Cordella, senior VP of digital media at NBC Sports Group, Tumblr was the perfect place to feature the Super Bowl TV ads.

NBC Sports Mobile

NBC and Yahoo Sports have partnered to provide a variety of sports content on mobile devices. The two companies’ combined reach reached 56.6 million domestic unique users in December 2018 and generated more than 207 million minutes of desktop video streaming, according to Comscore. Live streaming of sports is especially popular with fans, as the apps can be used to follow all the latest scores and updates from major sports events. Yahoo Sports will also offer live streaming of NCAA basketball, NHL games, and MLB games.

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