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Why you should use a VPN?

Internet is a thing that’s established its grip around us through different forms of usage. In some places, it’s used as an essential means of communication whereas in other areas it is often set up in physical forms through the IoT devices that we use in our daily routines. This ultramodern internet-powered equipment includes the likes of smartphones, smartwatches, smart television, and smart home security systems. So principally, any device with the word smart in it is part of the internet-based AI ecosystem.

It can be rightly said that the smart factor in these gadgets stems from the internet, and without the web, this equipment would be seemingly useless. This is exactly the fundamental teachings behind the concept of the internet of things, a hypothesis that states that the internet has transcended into a physical vessel channeled by these smart devices.

Since we heavily use these widgets quite often in our routines. So in one way or another, we’ve become hooked to the internet. This is because of the unfortunate state of the matters that we have to live in which has made us entirely dependent on these gadgets. This dependence on the web has increased more so than ever after the pandemic.

In those dark times when the world was trying very hard to maintain the balance between socio-economic climates due to the global economy of the world was going through a recession and people were dying because of the deadly contagion. Plus lockdowns that were imposed to curb the spread of this disease also made physical interaction almost non-existent. In times when physical interaction could prove to be quite dangerous, humanity found an alternative.

Internet Amidst Major State of Affairs

This alternate was the web that helped humanity cut through this bleak path by furnishing ways to continue some kind of normality. People started working again through the web, educational activities resumed, businesses transcended online, and indeed most of the entertainment channels whether audio or visual were centered on the web. This almost forced numerous people to use the web and those who weren’t a fan of this service before also started using it.

As of now, the web has gained the status of an essential service. That’s why today there is fiscal and monetary backing from governments for citizens around the world living in different countries helping them remain connected to the internet.

On the opposite hand, service providers also contributed their share by lowering the internet tariffs and started offering rebates and discounts to the customers. One such example is Cox Communications, Cox internet prices are quite low and there are amazing discounts offered on all of its services. Even today, when we are looking at the end of this pandemic still Cox is committed to offering low-priced high-quality internet services to their consumers.

With the consumer base of the web soaring in recent times, there is a swell of new internet users, out of which many are being introduced to this technological marvel for the first time in their life. These new users need to be mindful of the security hazards that are present on the internet. This cautious behavior is necessary for every internet user because, to be honest, there are plenty of threats on the web. Some of these security issues involve monetary frauds, intrusions, breaches of personal data, and actions directed towards damaging one’s sensitive information and data through malware, and viruses.

All these pitfalls stem from a single root cause, using an unprotected internet connection. In simple terms, all internet connections are vulnerable and susceptible to threats unless some kind of protection medium is applied to them. That’s why it is often recommended to use some kind of internet security suite or a VPN or to seal the deal with a combination of both.

Benefits of a VPN

The most introductory and presumably the most advanced type of internet protection comes from a VPN. This is often the most recommended tool that every new internet user should have. That’s because it doesn’t involve any complex features and gets the work done quite easily, which is to simply hide the actual IP address of a user with a dummy address in order to give encryption and obscurity to users across the web. These small features have so numerous benefits in retrospection that we’ll explain further below.


This is a crucial point of a VPN. A VPN provides essential obscurity and anonymity to users on the web. During a time when big companies like Facebook and Google are openly dealing with their consumer’s data to advertisers, it is quite scary how sensitive and important information these websites have about us. This malicious activity was brought on record by Facebook’s CEO in his Congress Testimony.

The quantum of surveillance that these so-called free-to-use online platform has placed on us is just disgusting. Not only this, but most of the world’s governments and internet companies also track their user’s movements and online activities. So as to remain undetected from this vicious stalking, it’s essential to use a VPN because it masks the original IP address making users almost invisible to all these tracking entities.

Free from Suppression

In addition to tracking, numerous countries also place suppression on differing types of content and news. These happen through the identification of a user’s IP address which determines their physical position. As a VPN masks the IP address and as result, the physical location is also hidden. That’s why we see people using streaming platforms through VPNs to access the type of content that isn’t available in their country.

This also opens doors to free and impartial news which can be viewed through VPN because most countries have also banned access to certain news portals that go against their agenda. VPN allows users to interrupt the impediment of censors, and make them equipped with tools to view anything and everything available on the web free from the shackles of censorship and suppression.

Data Ciphering

The most valuable feature that a VPN provides in terms of security is the capability to cipher a user’s online path. This encryption provides users security in a way that every kind of data passed through a VPN is secured from any type of breach or unauthorized access. That’s because the info is ciphered by a layer of security handed by the VPN making a secure path through which the communication is made. Since there is no direct communication happening, a hacker or any unauthorized person cannot directly intrude into a user’s device.


As important as there are benefits of the web it has its fair share of cons as well, and therefore the biggest bone of contention in the internet’s supremacy is the security glitches and cyber criminals present on the web. The only way to protect your network from these types of issues is to use a VPN that will encrypt a user’s online path making them secure from any intrusion, hackers, security breaches, and online stalking.

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