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TownNews CMS and digital publishing solutions chosen for

Digital publishers and broadcasters choose TownNews for their revenue-generating and integrated content management needs. The company’s solution includes revenue-generating features such as video technology and mobile responsiveness. Founded in 1998, TownNews provides a range of solutions for digital publishers and broadcasters. Learn more about our proven solutions. Listed below are some of our most popular features. Read on to find out which one is best for you!

Mobile responsiveness

The TownNews CMS and digital publishing solution suite includes a number of features that support mobile and tablet use. These capabilities are crucial to the success of small newspapers, especially those with small staffs and low hits. The TownNews stack includes a multimedia publishing system (BLOX CMS), native apps, video management, streaming broadcasting apps, and more. This allows small news organizations to maximize production efficiencies and create engaging content for readers.

Stacker Local is an audience development platform for local publishers, which offers dynamic content, automated emails, and closed loop campaigns for upselling advertisers. In addition, Stacker provides a mobile-friendly platform for online publishers. Stacker Local is a fully managed program with a high sell-through rate and guaranteed revenue. Additionally, the platform offers the best payment terms in the industry.

Content management system integration

TownNews is expanding its reach to Canadian publishers by announcing the integration of its CMS with STN Video. With this integration, local publishers can easily access STN’s online video content, unparalleled revenue potential and proprietary technology. TownNews CMS will also integrate seamlessly with STN’s revenue platform. To maximize the value of this partnership, both companies will focus on delivering integrated content management and digital publishing solutions to Canadian publishers.

The Townnews CMS and digital publishing solution set was compared with those of four leading CMS providers. The TownNews stack features proprietary multimedia publishing system BLOX CMS, which is used to design approximately 1,000 print publications. The stack includes advanced audience and digital subscription technology, mobile-optimized web applications, an integrated newsletter via email, video management system and applications for streaming and video. It’s built to meet the needs of the modern media publisher.

Video technology

Block Communications, which owns television stations in Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio, has chosen to enhance its video presence with the help of TownNews CMS and digital publishing solutions. The company will be using the TownNews video technology for WDRB Louisville, Kentucky, which is using its video and OTT services. Block will also be using Townnews’ iQ services and a variety of other Townnews products.

TownNews has been providing local media organizations with content management, digital revenue, and an audience engagement platform for a decade. During this time, it identified a growing demand for high-quality video content for subscribers and decided to provide such a solution. By integrating STN Video with TownNews CMS, publishers can customize the integration and integrate STN’s online video player technology with industry-leading BLOX CMS.

Tekan, a Toronto-based company, has been selected as the exclusive provider of TownNews CMS and digital publishing solutions for Canada. Tekan is a new Canadian company owned by Toronto-based publishers. TownNews, which has headquarters in East Moline, IL, is a company that provides local media organizations with guidance, digital services, and video expertise. A new agreement with Tekan will help the company build scale across Canada, identifying cost efficiencies in systems and advertising.

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