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The 107 Synonyms of Technology

107 Synonyms of Technology

Technology is a term that encompasses a variety of skills, knowledge, and processes. For example, it can help people produce professional-looking documents, bring textbooks to life, and connect people with their peers all over the world. In addition, it can be a great source of entertainment and education. Here are 107 synonyms of technology.

Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, and methods of organization

Technology is a field that deals with the creation, modification, and usage of tools, machines, crafts, and methods of organization. This field has also been the focus of philosophical inquiry. Philosophers have argued for the democratization of technology, and a greater role for ordinary people in shaping it.

The first step in making a technological artifact is the development of a functional specification. This specification will help engineers to determine what minimum levels are required and how far to push them. For example, efficiency is often the prime value, and this can include many factors such as energy consumption, use of materials, and safety and sustainability. While engineers aim to maximize one of these factors, they must also keep in mind the market value of their creations.

It can bring textbooks to life

There are countless ways to bring textbooks to life. The Internet can make information more accessible and engaging, and some of them even go beyond reading. One way is by creating interactive books, which let students interact with the material and ask questions. In addition to bringing textbooks to life, this technology can also be used to help students learn new skills.

Unlike paper textbooks, digital textbooks can be accessed by anyone and are downloadable to any device. This makes them ideal for adding supplemental textbooks mid-year or purchasing books for specialized learners. They also free up classroom space and eliminate the need to manage and store textbooks.

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