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Should you use a relay for a lighting control system?

Have you ever brainstormed how technology advanced and turned your traditional homes into technology hubs? It was a time when you had to be at home to do tasks like switching on and off the lights, managing the water supply to the house, and other household chores. Since scientists have taken an oath to share the human burden, there are hundreds of smart appliances on the market. Remote lighting systems are one. If these systems are installed in your house, you can control the switching on and off function of your house lights from anywhere.

Let it be you are sitting in the office and suddenly think of the house lights. You are confused about whether they were switched on or off. You may check the status through an online application and can either switch them on or off as needed. Isn’t it a time-saving hack? How does this system work? Which system should you buy? Is the system using relays or the system using a breaker? This blog focuses on relays for remote lighting control systems.

Why buy a relay lighting control system?

Here are a few reasons why relays are suitable for such circuits.

1.   Existing breaker panel

Consider if there is an electronic panel installed and coded for functionality. In this case, a relay panel is best suited. When the electrical panel coordinates with codings, using a relay panel between the breaker panel and loads is rough to have circuit control. If upgrading is not required, avoid it.

2.   Twenty or fewer circuits to manage

When you plan to upgrade lighting to LEDs, the only change required is adding on / off control to some circuits. In these circumstances, you may use a retro-font relay cabinet. For this, you need four to sixty-four relays and a low voltage control encased in a small size electronic enclosure. It can be further placed in an appropriate place near the circuit breaker panel. The fewer circuits, the more effective the relays are.

3.   Control single or 2-pole circuits

Relays are equally functional in both single and 2-pole circuits. Well, it is a costly investment if you move toward 3 pole relays. The costs are bearable as long you try to manage small loads.

4.   Vacant space for installing a relay panel

Aa relays are compact so they won’t require much space in a circuit. For every ten relays, you require a 1-foot square indoor rated cabinet. If you need to install bigger relays, you need more big enclosures. There might not be enough space on the wall to attach a relay panel, so consider the space availability prior to making a decision.

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