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SEO Tool Free Trials: 7 Awesome SEO Tools You Can Try Before You Buy

If you’re unsure whether you want to invest in an SEO tool, try out a free trial to make sure it meets your needs. Ubersuggest is a popular tool, which offers suggestions for keywords and competitor data. You can use it to find out how competitive a keyword is and improve your search engine optimization efforts. If you like what you see, you can buy a subscription or get an ongoing service.

Free trial SEO tools

Using a free trial SEO tool is an excellent way to check out the features of a particular program and decide whether it is right for your business. While free trials do come with limitations, they are an excellent way to check out how an SEO tool will work for you. These free trials are generally valid for 14 days and allow you to manage one project at a time. Once you decide to upgrade, you can add more projects to your account. Some tools include 200+ detailed SEO tasks and will analyze up to 20 backlinks. Using this tool, you can identify toxic backlinks that can dampen your ranking in search engines. Other features include Domain Trust Flow, which helps you determine how many of your links are high-quality.

Other free SEO tools include Google Analytics and Mozcast. The latter two tools provide detailed information about how visitors interact with your content. You can also opt to use Google Data Studio, which merges various data sources into an easily-understood visualization. Keyword Hero is another tool that uses advanced math and machine learning to help you increase your rankings. You can try it free if your site receives less than 2000 unique visitors a month. Finally, Mozcast is an essential tool for keeping tabs on Google’s search algorithm changes.

Using a suite of SEO tools is preferable to using a single all-in-one tool. This way, you get more features for your SEO strategy, which saves you money and simplifies navigation. These tools will pull ranking keywords from any domain, find keyword gaps between your competitors and discover long-tail keywords. In other words, you can get the most value for your money with a suite of SEO tools. It is also easier to navigate than an individual tool.


If you want to test out the latest SEO tools before buying them, SEMrush is a great tool to try. With its keyword research and ad tracking tools, it can help you monitor the competition’s online performance. You can see which keywords are generating more traffic, and which ones aren’t. You can use the ad tracking tools to analyze your competitors’ social media accounts.

Before buying, be sure to download a free trial version of SEMrush to test out the software. You can use the tool for seven days for free to see what features it offers. This feature is great for testing out competitors’ strategies and checking the quality of their content. Try out the Content Analyzer and export your keywords to a csv file. Use the keyword analysis tools to see which keywords your competitors are using to rank for the keywords you are targeting.

The paid versions of SEMrush include access to the Market Explorer. This feature provides insights into competitor performance, keyword metrics, competitive density, and SERP features. If you’re running a marketing agency, you’ll also want to check out the Agency Growth Kit. If you’re a freelancer, this tool is invaluable for you. But if you’re new to SEO, the free version limits you to five projects and one user.


Ahrefs is a powerful backlink analysis tool that lets you analyze backlinks for any domain. You can use the Site Explorer feature to view backlink profiles of 200 domains, subdomains, or URLs at once. This free tool also displays domain ratings and historical information about referring domains. It is the quickest way to gauge a website’s quality.

While all SEO tools have limitations, you should consider using a free trial to see if Ahrefs matches your specific needs. The free trial period for Ahrefs is seven days, which is generally sufficient to get an idea of how the tool works. There is also a free 30-day trial for Semrush, but this is not available with Ahrefs.

You can try Ahrefs for free by entering relevant keywords in the keyword generator. The tool contains over 10 billion keywords for over 170 countries. It also provides keyword difficulty scores and estimates of monthly search volume. Keyword suggestions are also included based on the top 50 related questions. Ahrefs also has a feature called Keyworddit that scrapes data from Reddit.

Ahrefs has a lot of great features, but a few of the biggest flaws of the tool are limited reporting limits and the free trial is only for a single user account. You can use Ahrefs to analyze your backlinks and to optimize your site. It also has many other useful features, such as keyword research for YouTube and site auditing.


There are many SEO tools out there and MarketMuse is no exception. With a generous free plan, you can test the product’s SEO capabilities before spending any money. You can analyze the keyword competition in your niche and identify opportunities to improve your content. The tool also creates briefs for content creation and provides keyword suggestions. The tool even analyzes your current content to provide direction for improving your content and finding opportunities.

The tool can help you create high-quality content by organizing your content based on keyword popularity. You can sort the content by popularity and type. You can use the suggested keyword phrases to come up with relevant content and mention your high-ranking content in your articles. It also offers research content and suggests content for your blog or website. MarketMuse is an excellent tool for boosting your website’s search engine optimization.

Despite the many benefits, there are drawbacks with MarketMuse. Its interface isn’t as intuitive on desktop and mobile devices, and it requires users to export files. The paid version also has a recurring fee of more than $1000 and requires a long-term contract. You can’t use MarketMuse as a replacement for Adwords keyword planner because the tool takes longer than usual to load and the results are often not very accurate.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

The free version of Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator allows you to create as many searches as you want. You can export the results and create reports or spreadsheets to see which keywords have the most search volume or click-through rates. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can purchase a full license or try a paid version for a week.

The free plan lets you create a free account with one site and 1,000 keyword rank credits per month. However, if you’re serious about SEO, you can sign up for a paid plan and get more benefits and features. Ahrefs has the largest keyword database in the industry, and it’s easy to see why it’s the best option for most people. Authoritas also offers a free trial, which makes it easier to get a feel for how it works and if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Ahrefs offers both paid and free keyword research tools. While the free version lacks many insights and reports, you can still get a good idea of what the competition is doing. The free version allows you to generate several keyword ideas and compare them to your competitors. But you have to be aware that free versions often come with limited features. So, if you’re looking for an SEO tool for free, make sure to try out the free version first before investing in a paid version.

Ahrefs’ Backlink Index is a powerful tool that identifies your website’s backlinks and provides valuable information. Its dashboard offers a variety of stats, including your Ahrefs Rank, the number of organic keywords you rank for, and more. Its API allows you to integrate it with third-party tools, such as Google Analytics and SEOmoz.

Another tool that many marketers use to analyze the backlinks of their competitors is Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. This tool lets you search for keywords and see what types of content are most appealing to visitors. You can then use this information to improve your own content. It also has an easy-to-use interface and plenty of video tutorials to help you get started. Its main disadvantage is its name, which is hard to say. However, you can always try out its free trial before you buy.

If you’re unsure of whether Ahrefs’ Backlink Index is right for your needs, try out their free trial version. The trial version is available for two months. It includes alerts for web mentions and backlinks. You can even sign up for a free trial to see how Ahrefs’ Backlink Index can help you boost your SEO strategy.

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