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SEO is the backbone of a website

Somebody told you that you can make money online by writing. Yeah, writing is a money making skill. But this alone is not enough. At this time, nobody is willing to spend hours writing a book, publishing it, and then marketing it. As the success rate for a book may not be more appealing than the revenue you may generate through a blogging website. What do you find easy and more profitable? Selling words in the shape of a book or a website? Well for a book, you may need some paid resources to start. While the website can be started for free and it may not cost you a penny to start earning. All you have to do is to post daily and keep up with the SEO.

SEO is considered the backbone of a website. It is responsible for the indexing and ranking of your website. If you write quality and unique articles, but you don’t do SEO, you will not be able to attract traffic. SEO is a google search algorithm-friendly tool that may attract users to your website. This blog details important information about SEO.

SEO: Types and how it works?

There are 2 main types of SEO depending on the purpose;

  1. On-page SEO: It refers to the optimization of web pages for better ranking and traffic gain. This involves both content and HTML code of pages that one can optimize.
  2. Off-page SEO: It involves using backlinks to improve site ranking.

How does SEO work?

SEO content and pages are ranked better. When your SEO job is done, crawling and indexing do the rest of the job. Crawling discovers the content and indexing presents it in the search results. So, when your content SEO is effectively done, crawling will discover it and indexing will list it in search results.

Many people think that registering a website on Google Console is enough for indexing. Perhaps, it is just a formality that cannot be ignored. Even after listing the website in Google Console, you are required to work on SEO.

Take Away!

Mostly, you will receive motivation for starting a blogging site but rarely will anyone explain to you how to begin. Even on your asking, you will rarely get a satisfactory reply on the question of “SEO”. It might be that others are not willing to educate you or they may lack sufficient knowledge. If you need help with SEO, visit bulklink.org – a paid reliable service.

Latest Posts

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