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Cyrus Baxter Car Accident

The death of web-based media personality Cyrus Baxter in a fatal car crash has left everyone stunned. The rising star was just 24 years old and was a prominent personality on the Web. It is a huge misfortune for everyone, but fans are showing their love and admiration for him through online media. This article will discuss why the accident was such a shock and how people are honoring the departed YouTuber in the wake of his death.

Cyrus Baxter was a social media influencer

The deceased teenager Cyrus Baxter was a social network influencer. His mother, Ebonie, has been going live on Facebook. Her page, ‘The Baxters’, has over 124k followers. She also confirmed that her son died in a car accident. Cyrus had a brother and three younger siblings. His YouTube channel had over 1 million subscribers. The family has since launched a memorial page in Cyrus’ memory.

Cyrus Baxter was a social networking influencer, who passed away unexpectedly. He was just a teenager when he was involved in a fatal car accident. His death, at age seventeen, is a shock to the entire family. Cyrus was the youngest son of Byron and Ebonie Baxter, who own YouTube channels and sell merchandise. His father Byron Baxter also became a social media influencer.

His parents are YouTubers

Ebonie Baxter, the wife of YouTuber Byron Baxter, is an online influencer. The family is known for running the popular YouTube channel, Baxter Boys. With over 122,000 subscribers, Cyrus and his siblings are generating quite a buzz on the web. Ebonie Baxter has a YouTube channel of her own and also sells merchandise.

Cyrus Baxter’s parents are two of the most famous people on the Internet. His father is a YouTuber, as well. His mother was his biggest motivator. Her death in a car crash is shocking news for the family. Her parents have posted about the tragic news on their Facebook page. Ebonie Baxter also confirmed that her son had suffered from mental health issues prior to the accident.

His mom wanted him to die

The death of a young social media influencer is tragic, and the mom of a 24-year-old man was devastated by the news. On Facebook, his mother confirmed that her son was killed in a car accident. She posted a series of posts in which she detailed Cyrus’ death. Aside from her Facebook page, Cyrus’ family also took to social media to post tributes to their son.

His family’s YouTube channel

Byron and Ebonie Baxter, the parents of popular teen star Cyrus Baxter, have created a special YouTube channel in honor of their son. Byron and Ebonie Baxter’s son had more than a million subscribers when Cyrus was just a child. Ebonie and Byron Baxter were supportive in every way, and their daughter, Miley, is no exception.

Byron and Ebonie Baxter have launched the Baxter Boys YouTube channel. The channel boasts over 122,000 subscribers and has highlighted the plight of Cyrus’s brother, Byron. Ebonie Baxter uses the full name Ebonie Marie Baxter on Facebook. The family resides in Georgia. Cyrus’s father, Byron Baxter, was a teen singer and songwriter.

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