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Create an Online Shop With WPS Web

Create an Online Shop With WPS Web

When you’re ready to create an online shop for your business, WPS Web can help. This platform makes it easy to accept credit card payments and display your products on the internet. When a customer makes a purchase, they can either use the payment gateway or e-mail you directly. You can also configure chatbots to help visitors find what they are looking for.

Allows you to accept credit card payments

One of the key components of selling online is the ability to accept credit card payments. While there are many other forms of payment that are becoming more popular, many consumers still prefer to use their credit cards for online transactions. By enabling credit card payment, you can make sure that your customers feel safe and secure when making purchases.

The first step in accepting credit cards online is to choose a payment processor. Choose a service that works well with your website and is compatible with your payment requirements. You can use both free and paid credit card processing solutions to process payments.

Displays products in an online shop

Using the WPS Web system, you can create an online shop and display products using a variety of WPS modules. For instance, Quick-buy enables customers to pay directly for items they want. You can even offer special deals right from your banner, autoscroller, or front page. The E-shop module also generates a dynamic view of your website structure and allows for separate accounts for customers.

Configures chatbots

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence application that can be used to help your business. They can be helpful in many ways, including handling queries from potential customers. For example, they can answer questions and help customers during off-hours, which can be very beneficial if you’re not staffed during those hours. You can also use them to follow up with leads and convert them into customers.

Chatbots are particularly effective in the post-purchase experience, such as shipping updates. Using a chatbot in your online store can make you stand out from your competitors. Dynamite clothing, for example, uses a chatbot in its Facebook Messenger account to keep existing customers updated about new products and promotions.

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