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Barrister Babu Written Update

Barrister Babu Written Update – Anirudh Roy Choudhary’s Shady Past Is Affecting His Relationship With Mini

In the latest episode of ‘Barrister Babu Written Update,’ Anirudh Roy Choudhary’s marriage to Saudamini “Mini” Bhaumik is at a crossroads. Bondita’s plan to destroy Mini’s family and Barister Babu’s plot to destroy them are revealed. Read on to find out how Anirudh’s shady past is affecting his relationship with Mini.

Anirudh Roy Choudhary’s marriage with Saudamini “Mini” Bhaumik

Anirudh Roy Choudhry and Saudamini “Mini” Bhumik got married after a long and turbulent courtship. Saudamini, the daughter of Mr. Betty Greenwood, has always been a close friend of Anirudh’s. During the courtship, Saudamini tried to enslave her husband and his family. In response, he wore a dog collar and pretended to be blind. Anirudh had no idea Saudamini was a false partner and had been watching the RCs for quite some time.

The lovemaking scene between the two couples is extremely emotional. The couple has a child, named Bondita, who is 11 years old. The child bride is an ideal support system for Anirudh, who was brought to India with big dreams of reforming the nation. Without his wife, Bondita, Anirudh would have failed his mission.

Barrister Babu is a Hindi television drama serial that premiered on Colors Tv and was later aired on Colors Rishtey TV. It starred Pravisht Mishra, Anchal Sahu, and Aurra Bhatnagar. In the show, Anirudh Roy Choudhary returns to his hometown after studying in London. He is concerned about the traditional mindset of his hometown, while he is madly in love with Saudamini “Mini” Bhaumik. The couple is able to get their families to accept the union.

In Barrister Babu, Pranali Rathod plays Saudamini “Mini” Bhumik, the daughter of Shivra. Arina Dey plays Bondita’s mother, Sumati Das, and Sundaram’s sister, Manorama. Pallavi Mukherjee plays Sampoorna Roy Choudhary, the second wife of Binoy. The film also stars Saurabh Munshi as the son of his first wife.

The film has been remade several times. Earlier, the show was filmed for four hundred and eight episodes. The first episode of Balika Vadhu was aired on Star Jalsha on 12 January 2016. Despite the cancellation, the series recommenced on 6 July. It has been renewed for three seasons and aired 408 episodes. The second season was dubbed in Bhojpuri.

Bondita’s plot to ruin Mini’s family

The story of the story continues as Mini is confronted by her husband. He accuses her of being unfaithful to his family, and Mini refuses to accept the blame. In response to his words, Mini tries to kill Anirudh with Jag, but Anirudh saves her life by sending her away. However, Trilochan catches her and slaps her again, this time accusing her of killing his children.

Barrister Babu is an interesting show with a storyline that is unique and has high voltage twists. Mini’s family is ruined after her mother discovers her husband’s secret and reveals her plan to ruin his family. The episode ends with a shocking twist that will leave you gasping. This is a very enjoyable series and one to watch if you like soap operas.

Anirudh’s plot to ruin Bondita’s family

In this episode of Kuldeep Kaur’s “Khuda Hazare,” Anirudh’s plans to ruin Bondita’s family are revealed to the audience. As Trilochan tries to convince Anirudh not to do anything against Kalindi, Bondita refuses to lie. But her stubbornness will soon pay off – her family will not let her marry Anirudh, because they both trust each other.

After a long time of ignoring him, Anirudh finally realizes that his feelings are true and tells Bondita so. She is surprised to learn that he was only trying to cover up the truth and ruined her life. But she doesn’t believe him and refuses to go to him. When Anirudh confronts her, she tells him she can’t trust him any more. After all, Anirudh’s father has killed many people, including Anirudh’s father.

The villager accuses Bondita of being a spy for the Zameendars. She tries to escape by throwing dirt into her eyes and making an outburst of pain. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s teachings and attacks the villagers. However, she does not get away. She goes back to the village, where Anirudh is waiting for her. She then runs to the village where she has been hiding from the villagers. Anirudh asks her to return to the village and he is appalled.

A popular daily soap on ColorsTv, Barrister Babu, follows the characters of Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh plans to expand his career and become a Barrister at the Calcutta High Court. He even buys a house in the city. However, Bondita discovers that Anirudh is not telling the truth and is furious. Anirudh tries to calm her down by telling her they will live together in Calcutta.

Anirudh’s plan to ruin Bondita’s family is revealed. When Anirudh reveals that he is Bondita’s new neighbor, Bondita falls head over heels. The smitten Bondita is overcome by Anirudh’s kindness, but Thakuma tries to make Anirudh stop and destroy his plans.

Barister Babu’s plot to ruin Bondita’s family

Barrister Babu’s plot to ruin the family of Bondita is a sly plan to steal Bondita’s husband and her child. Bondita has married Anirudh out of spite, and now she is trying to make her in-laws happy and accept her. But it is not easy, as she will encounter several challenges during this ordeal.

The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu will begin with Vajyanti revealing the truth about her identity as Bondita. She is desperate to see Anirudh after hearing her true identity. She is also saddened that he did not get to see her face, but has forgotten what he said to her during that time. She is in a terrible state of shock.

The storyline of this colorful daily soap is quite entertaining and interesting. We get to see the characters doing some serious damage, including the Saudamini’s family. Besides, Bondita’s sister Trilochan is now acting very evilly, and he has plans to ruin her family and her love life. Sampoorna has been preparing for this moment for quite a while, but Trilochan is not satisfied.

As we have seen, Anirudh’s mother tries to save her daughter and the Thakur family, but she is unable to do so. After she learns the truth, she loses her temper and accidentally ruins Anirudh’s preparations for grihapravesh. Anirudh, however, does not give up and vows to make Bondita a Barrister.

Batuk tries to destroy the bond between Bondita and Anirudh, and he tries to snatch the children from her. She does everything in her power to save Anirudh, and when she gets to court, she faces a lot of threats and anger from everyone. But she is determined to get what she wants, and this is the only way she can save her husband.

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