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3 Necessary Steps to take while setting up a blog

Want to start a blog but nervous? What is making you hesitate? Maybe it’s being a novice in the field. A beginner can also excel in any field nowadays. It is because they always have helping hands (softwares). In this case, the helping hand is plugins, templates, and free themes. Even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket to invest in the site, you can work great. First, decide the company you want to host your blog on. Popular are WordPress and Blogger. Next, work on the theme. There are endless options available for free. Choose anyone you prefer. This blog shares 3 necessary steps you have to take while setting up a blog.

3 Things to consider

Your blog has three critical needs that should not be overlooked.

1.   Website design

Choose it carefully. First, choose your niche and then work on it. For example, you decide to make a health niche blog. Consider free blog style or news-style blog options. It will help you to choose the theme. While choosing a theme and designing your website, make sure it favors SEO.

2.   Plugins for SEO

Without SEO, your website can’t fulfill its goals. So, be careful when choosing the plugins for SEO. There are so many options like:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO
  • Rank Math

You may choose between any of these. It depends on which you can use comfortably. Don’t install all of these, only activate anyone.

3.   PageSpeed

After you have chosen the theme and decided on the plugin for SEO, now work for PageSpeed metrics. On WordPress, you may connect Google Analytics or Monster Insights analytic plugins for tracking user experience. Regularly check the analysis report and if your page speed is showing red flags, work on automatic suggestions provided by the plugin. These may include reducing unused CSS and JS. You may find the directions by clicking the arrow down button.

What’s next?

These 3 are critical to website ranking. When you are working hard, you deserve a good treat. So, if you consider these elements, you may be happy with the results. There is still much more to consider but these were the basics.

Take Away!

Did you find it difficult to do it alone? Do you have funds to invest in the blog? If you want to have experts help in this regard, visit websitedesignercharleston.com for more assistance. There is nothing for which you cannot find help from experts. Whatever problem you are facing, find the right person/company and ask for help.

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